Organising a Press Event – Get Yourself Some Branded Flash Drives

Have you been given the responsibility of PR in your company, Does your company have a forthcoming Press Launch or Press Event? Maybe you want to announce the launch of a new product, to reveal your latest set of financial figures, or to support your plans for a merger or acquisition? Whatever the reason, if the organisation of these events falls within your remit then you’ll know just how daunting they can be.

By their very nature Press Events and Press Launches are normally very high profile, often involving key executives and personnel from your company. They carry a high potential for failure and/or embarrassment if things don’t run smoothly and the consequences if things don’t go well can be devastating not only to your company but to your career.

After all if you’ve done your job well the event itself will be attended by respected journalists and luminaries hand picked because of their ability to inform and shape opinions.  This then is not an audience to get things wrong in front of.

Having assembled the “great and the good” of your industry the challenge is to get your message over clearly and confidently and make sure that not only do they understand the salient points of your story but that they go away and write positive features and articles about your company and its plans.

Its pretty much taken for granted that you will have:

  • Agreed and rehearsed your key messages
  • Prepared and rehearsed your presentations
  • Drafted and agreed likely questions and answers
  • Agreed the list of attendees and confirmed their attendance
  • Hired and equipped an appropriate venue
  • Taken care of refreshments and peoples dietary requirements for the day/event
  • Timed the event to get maximum impact/exposure.
  • Prepared handouts and supporting material for distribution to the invited audience.

This latter point can be a challenge if you have lots of material to distribute. Whilst the journalists will want access to

branded flash drives

the material presented at the event (copy slides, reports, research data etc) they are not going to be happy given armfuls of printed material, particularly if they have to take public transport back to their offices. Much better to pre-load all of this information onto a USB flash drive printed with your company’s logo on.

Not only do branded USB flash drives make it easier for the attending journalists (not least because you can pack them with loads more background material, web links and research information than you could reasonably print) but they’ll also make your life as an organiser easier. Think about it – less paper to print and collate and lug around with you to the event. Less print cost and overhead. Coupled with this branded USB flash drives themselves create a positive image that will be associated with your company.

There are so many things that can go wrong when organising a Press Event and whilst a branded flash drive won’t assure you of an “easy ride” they will make your life just that little easier.

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