No One Ever Got Fired For Buying Branded Memory Sticks

In the IT industry in the 1980’s a phrase that was commonly heard was “no one ever got fired for buying IBM” and in the 1990’s this was changed to “no one ever got fired to buying Microsoft”. Today, in our opinion, this phrase can be applied equally to branded memory sticks in the promotional sector.

Branded Memory Sticks

IBM and Microsoft are companies that have dominated their respective sectors, their products were considered “safe bets” and whilst there might have been alternative options, many with better technological solutions, they were rarely every recommended or purchased. The reason for recommending them and buying them was as much about job security as it was about buying the best of breed product. Why take the risk of recommending alternative vendors and products when every one else was siding with “Big Blue” or Microsoft. There might have been better options in the market but when these companies were at their zenith you’d be hard pushed to find them and even harder pushed to find companies that had bet their business on them.

After a slow but steady start branded USB memory sticks are reaching a similar position in the promotional and corporate gift sector. The primary difference here is that it’s a product and not a company or specific brand that is beginning to dominate. Of course the promotional market spans a broad range of needs and budgets and at the  “cheap and cheerful” end where budgets are pennies per giveaway the more traditional items like pens, bags, and mugs badges are still top dogs. But, where companies are looking to spend a little more and want to give away something that is going to be retained, used on a regular basis, generates significant brand association and importantly allows them to supply all of their sales material at the same time, then a branded memory stick is the best option.

The price of branded memory sticks, despite the recent hiccup in flash prices and exchange rate fluctuations, continues to fall. Today a typical 1Gb branded memory stick that’s printed, boxed and loaded with data costs as little as £3. This cost will vary depending on memory size and the number ordered (and the supplier you choose) but when you consider that by loading sales, presentation material etc. onto the disk you can offset significant printing and transportation costs the memory sticks can pay for themselves.

Part of growing use of the branded memory stick by the Promotions Industry is that they are incredibly popular with anyone they are given to because they provide real value and benefit. After all we’re all generating more digital data (photos videos, work files, homework etc.) and a branded memory stick is a really convenient way storing and transporting this data.

In an ironic twist both IBM and Microsoft are regular users of promotional memory sticks to underpin the launch of new products and services and to drive customer and re-seller loyalty.

If you are looking for a good value, popular and “safe” promotional option then branded memory sticks should be at the top of your shortlist.

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