Introducing NEW USB Cards

USB Cards for 2014 – Flip, Slide and Pop-Out

If you’re looking to buy printed USB credit cards (or USB business cards) then you’re spoilt for choice because with the addition of our p@per USB cards we now have three different types for you to select from.

They’re all the same size as a standard bank card, they’re all incredibly thin with the p@per version being the thickness of a piece of card and they can all be printed in full colour (with full colour bleed to the edge of the card) on both sides. They come in memory sizes ranging from a relatively small 128MB to a whopping 32GB so there is an option for everyone and every eventuality.

USB P@per Cards from USB2U

The main difference between the three cards is how you access the USB connector and the data stored on it. On the p@per cards you “pop-out” the USB flash stick – it can be pushed back into the card for safekeeping after it’s been used. With the “Flip” version you apply a small amount of pressure to one side of the card and the USB connector “flips” out of the other side and the Slider pretty much “does what it says on the tin” – the mini USB flash drive slides in and out of the card shaped host.

The Flip and Slide USB Cards are manufactured entirely from plastic (they’re around 2mm thick) but the P@per USB card is typically made from a robust paper card with the USB plastic connector and “host socket” being made from plastic (see the images to get a better idea).

Slide USB Cards from USB2U

Because the cards are a form factor that we use in everyday life we all we all have a way of carrying them around (wallets, purses etc.) so they’re a really handy shape. In the credit card industry they talk about “share of wallet” which is a reference to getting your brand/card in someone’s wallet. Arguably it’s the same with these USB Cards. If you can make the card appealing and attractive enough (not just with a flash design but with lots of spare storage capacity for the recipient to use for their own data) then whatever brand is printed on the card is going to get some powerful “share of wallet”.

At UBS2U we carry thousands of the flip and slide USB Cards in stock ready for same day print (for customers that like to leave things right until the last minute) so leads times are rarely ever an issue! For the P@per cards the lead times are around 7-10 days. Always best to call us to discuss your requirements and we can advise accordingly.

Flip USB Cards from USB2U

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