New Product – Engraved USB Keys (24hr Delivery)

We’ve always sold USB keys but up until now the lead time for them was 7-10 working days but with demand growing from customers for more keys we now stock them in the UK.

By holding stock in the UK we are able to engrave the USB keys and deliver them branded in as little as 24hrs from the time the customer places their order! The keys are available in red, blue, black gold and silver and we typically have them in 2GB and 4GB memory sizes. Give us a call if you’re interested and our team will talk you through the colour and memory size options.

Engraved USB Keys

The keys are roughly the same size as any standard “Yale” type key, they’re pretty light but because they are designed to be engraved rather than printed any logo engraved onto them is not going to scratch or rub off.  Printed USB sticks that are attached to a keyring have a nasty habit of chipping and scratching pretty quickly so much so that we’ve seen some examples where the printed logo on a key style USB stick has been obliterated in just a few days of use.

The key measures 57mm x 25mm and they’re only 3mm thick. The engraving area (on both sides of the key is: 35mm x 10mm.

Engraved USB Key

We don’t charge extra to engrave on both sides so if you do order keys make sure to think about what logo or design you put on the front/back. A website or phone number of the back of the key and your main logo on the front is what we recommend and it’s what most customer opt for but the choice is entirely up to you!

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