New Mini Twister USB Flash Drive Set to Make A Big Impact

Don’t be put off by its size because the new Mini Twister USB Flash Drive packs a huge punch in terms of impact and quality. At just over 3cm in length its about half the size of most “standard” USB flash drives but it’s still capable of supporting up to 16GB of data in what is arguably one of the most elegant designs we’ve seen in a while.

Mini USB Twister - Engraved

The outer case/clip of the Mini Twister (the bit that rotates to protect the USB connector) is made from a relatively thick, heavy and highly polished metal that takes engraving really well. The combination of the size of the drive, the design and the high quality finish of the product is likely to see this drive emerge as a firm favourite.

It’s too early to tell if the new “Mini Twister” will challenge the Classic Twister USB Flash Drive. The Classic model has

Classic and Mini Twister

been around for almost a decade now and to this day remains the number one best selling promotional USB flash drive by some margin accounting for well over half of all promotional flash drives sold into the promotional and corporate sector. The reasons for the Twisters success are:

  • It has no removable cap to lose – the outer “clip” rotates (or twists, hence the name) around the body of the drive to protect the USB connector.
  • It’s available in a wide range of body colours and the body colour can be pantone matched if the standard colours are not suitable. Some companies and schools will order a their USB twisters in a range of different colours so they can supply different departments or school years with a particular colour.
  • Because they are so popular they’re manufactured in huge volumes and this keeps the cost relatively low. Typically the classic Twister USB flash drive will be the cheapest model available from most suppliers although you may have to pay a little more if you want them produced in your own colour (pantone matched body shell).
  • Keyring and lanyards are easy to attach to the Twister Classic and compliment the drive really well.
  • If you over order the Twister or you want to change the branding/image printed on them then its relatively easy to remove the clip and replace it with a new clip printed with new artwork – this way you’re only paying for the cost of a replacement clip and not the memory (the bit that costs the money)
  • It’s light, relatively small and really easy to use.

The mini Twister USB drive has many of the attributes of the “Classic” version but in a smaller, neater package (albeit it does not have the colour range) so it will be interesting to see how much of the market it can take from the larger, older version.

If you’d like a sample of the new Mini Twister just give us a call and we’ll pop one in the post to you.

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