More PPE Added to USB2U Stocks

More PPE Added to USB2U Stocks

We have been working hard at USB2U to help procure and supply new PPE, and we are pleased to announce we have even more products available than before.

We now have FFP2 masks, the grade recommended by the World Health Organisation, perfect for helping to protect both you and your staff in these troubling times. FFP2 is the European equivalent of the N95 respirator masks used in the United States. Alongside this we also have disposable surgical style face masks.

Hand Sanitiser

Alongside these masks, we have been working in collaboration with a local distillery here in Northamptonshire, and due to this we are now able to offer our customers a range of hand sanitiser gels and liquids.

These are made to the exact specification dictated by the World Health Organisation (the WHO).

These come in a variety of sizes, from our brandable 250ml squeeze bottles, up to our giant 5L refill bottles which can also come with a sanitiser pump.

All of this hand sanitiser has 70% alcohol content, ensuring it is fast drying and effective, and conforms to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH). As well as being manufactured locally, it is also bottled in our own facilities, ensuring fast turnaround at all times.

If you wish to learn more, or enquire about any of our products, please contact us.

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