Mini USB Flip Card Added to the USB2U Portfolio

In response to the demand for promotional USB memory sticks that have a larger and flatter print area and are therefore able to support full colour images we’ve now added the “Mini Flip Card” to our ever growing portfolio of USB sticks.

At just 60mm X 30mm it’s about the same size as a conventional name badge but it’s only 3mm thick and has a fully functional USB flash chip tucked discretely in the belly of the card, There is no compromise on memory size either because the memory options range from 1GB all the way up to a massive 16GB (which is about the same size as the larger tablet PC’s that are currently on the market!) – so, plenty of storage to pre-load the mini-flip USB cards with all sorts of digital brochures, images, media files, PDF’s etc.

Mini Flip USB Cards

The real beauty of these cards is the scope to print incredibly clear, vibrant images over the full surface area of the card (although the output is only as good as the input so good, high resolution images are needed in a format like .EPS).  As these examples illustrate if you can supply good artwork the end results can look stunning.

Promotional USB memory sticks have pretty much all but replaced CD’s and DVD’s and in doing so have become the de facto way for companies to distribute large amounts of information to their customers and prospective customers. They make great give-aways at trade shows and are a proven winner when it comes to attracting customers to your stand or booth!

These cards can also double up as a name badge making them ideal for conferences and seminars but unlike conventional name badges these have the added benefit of being able to store all of the speakers note and presentation slides on the flash memory inside the badge – all the delegate has to do is plug their name badge into a PC or Mac and they can view, print or copy all of the information stored on the card! What’s even better is that they don’t cost much more than a standard name badge but when you factor in the savings you make by not having to organise or print the speakers notes and slides etc. they work out significantly cheaper.

Mini Flip USB Cards

If you’re still not convinced it’s worth remembering that in a recent survey the most popular promotional gift to be given was a USB stick with 45% of the votes with a pen coming second with 39% of the votes. The primary reason people stated they would prefer to be given a USB stick was its usefulness. Usefulness equals retention which in turns leads to repeat usage and greater brand exposure for whatever brand is printed on the USB sticks – a classic “win win”.

Next time you’re looking for printed USB memory sticks add these new mini USB flip cards to your shortlist and ask for some samples to be mocked up (it’s free). And, don’t forget they are also part of our Rush 24hr service so we can get them to you in a hurry if you need them.

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