Metal USB Credit Cards – A Professional Solution

The big trend at the moment in the branded USB flash drive market is the rise in popularity of the USB credit card. For the last few years the vast majority of flash drives that are printed up with a company logo or brand have been the standard “rectangular” models. These come in a number of different flavours with memory sticks like the “Twister” or the “Chic” being the most commonly requested and purchased.

These standard models are popular because they’re inoffensive, they have broad general appeal, they are available from a wide number of suppliers and they all look good when printed up with a logo. Their popularity means they are produced in very large numbers so they’re also some of the cheapest USB flash drives on the market today. In essence they are the “easy” option and it’s understandable why they are popular.

The popularity of these products does however dilute the impact when they are handed out. A few years ago handing out a Twister USB flash drive with a logo printed on would typically be something new and innovative and for the recipient it’s likely to have been the first memory stick they’ll have been given or picked up at a seminar or conference. Today for people these drives are “two a penny”. If you’re a regular conference, seminar, show or press event attendee then you’ll likely to be offered standard flash drives on a fairly regular basis.

If the intent is just to disseminate information in a convenient and portable format then “so what” you might say but, if the intent is to do this, whilst at the same time, creating some genuine gratitude and affinity to your company then there are better USB flash drive products for the job. One such example is the metal USB credit card.

Metal USB Credit Cards

Metal USB credit cards are a little more expensive than the general USB drives typically purchased as a promotional item but they deliver the “wow” factor that standard models struggle to achieve. The reason is that these credit card models are the same size and thickness as a regular bank card which given the function they perform is incredible, particularly when you consider an 8GB version can store hundreds of thousands of documents! The metal versions are also very solid and tactile and feel like a top quality product and a product that has very high-perceived value. They are something that the recipient will want to not only keep but also show off about.

So, next time you are in the market for a USB flash drive you might just want to get some quotes for a Metal USB credit card. Expect them to be more expensive than standard models but not greatly so and despite the increased cost they are worth the extra spend.

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