Product spotlight: Magnetic Clasp Boxes

Magnetic Clasp Box

Snap, snap, snap…aah! That’s the sound of our magnetic boxes closing tightly around the memory sticks lovingly nestled inside! Sitting snugly in their foam beds inside the boxes are printed memory sticks, resting, ready to spring into life and become brand heroes and data savers.

Magnetic Clasp Boxes

  • Outer Casing: Plastic
  • Available Colours: White, Black
  • Dimensions: 94mm x 45mm x 20mm
  • Imprint Area: Front
  • Imprint Size: 70mm x 25mm
  • Printing Options: Four Colour Process and Spot
  • Artwork Guidelines

If you’re ordering branded USB memory sticks in bulk then you need to think about how you’re going to distribute them, and whether you intend to give them out individually in a gift box or you’re happy to give them out as they are in the thin polythene bags that protect the print on the sticks and make sure they don’t get scratched in transit.

Whilst there’s no reason to not use the poly bags, their function is really just protection and most people remove and discard them before they hand the sticks out. If it’s a tradeshow you want the USBs for then handing them out in additional packaging might be overkill, but if you’re trying to create a more upmarket image or you’re handing them out as a gift or thank you present, then a box is a good idea,

One of the most popular boxes in our range is the magnetic clasp box. These attractive boxes are strong and robust, easy to open and they also stay firmly shut when closed by virtue of the integrated magnetic clasp. The lids are translucent so any brand or logo printed on the USB flash drives will show through, although you can also print onto the lids of the boxes themselves.
Typically, these magnetic clasp boxes are supplied with a custom foam insert that’s precision cut to match the shape of the USB stick that it’s being used with. This not only helps with the overall presentation, but also keeps the sticks firmly in situ when they are transported or mailed out.

Prices start at 40p per box, but we do offer discounts if you’re buying in bulk or you’re buying them to compliment branded USB sticks that you’re also buying from us.

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