Looking Good In Leather – Branded Flash Drives

There’s something about words leather and flash in the same sentence but here goes. The branded flash memory stick market tends to be dominated (perhaps dominated is not the right word either) by standard plastic and metal products but for those looking for something a little different there is always leather.

Leather USB flash drives do cost a little more money than their standard plastic or metal counterparts but boy is it worth spending the extra few pennies. The leather versions are incredibly stylish, robust, and tactile and like most leather products they are warm to the touch and ooze quality.

If you’ve got a brand that needs to project itself on a promotional product that is considered to be in the “Premier League” then a leather flash drive certainly fits the bill. Likewise if you need to arrange promotional give-aways or “thank you” gifts for conference speakers or company executives that have participated in a seminar or event then a leather flash drive will deliver the right level of sophisticated appreciation.

Leather USB

Leather USB flash drives are typically embossed or laser engraved with embossing being the most popular option. Laser engraving is more subtle and last longer simply because any brand is effectively cut into the leather so its never going to wear or rub off. The downside with laser engraving is that any branding does not jump out at you from the flash drive because there is no colour or printing involved.

There are several models of leather flash drives available and all incorporate a means to attach the flash drive to a lanyard, key ring or belt loop and all of them can be supplied in either a plain or printed gift box.

Don’t forget if you do order branded memory sticks to take full advantage of the memory capacity on the stick and pre-load your sales brochures, presentation slides, media files etc. If the memory sticks are being purchased as a “thank you” its always a nice idea to include a thank you message on the stick – in other words to pre-load the a personalised thank you file onto the stick that is displayed to the recipient when the memory stick is used for the first time.

If you’d like to see what the leather sticks look like and feel like in the flesh then just give us a call and one of our team will sort this out for you.

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