Looking For A Robust Promotional Flash Drive

If you’re looking to buy a strong, robust and stylish USB flash drive for promotional purposes or for use at an event or show then you might want to consider the metal Capsule USB Flash Drive.

Not only is this USB drive manufactured from metal but instead of the cap simply “pulling off” its screwed on to give a really tight fit. So much so that the drive is virtually waterproof as well as being virtually indestructible.

The Capsule drive can be supplied in any colour you want because its made to order and the shell is spray painted before any branding is applied. So, unlike most other flash drives that are manufactured from plastic with aluminium trims each capsule drive is hand finished and spray-painted. There are some standard factory colours (white, blue, black and red) that are available off the shelf but any colour is possible and it only adds a couple of days to the manufacturing process to get the Capsule Drive produced in your preferred colour.

Capsule Flash Drive

Because of their innate strength these drives are excellent when attached to a key ring because they will absorb all of the usual bumps and scrapes that anything on a key ring and attached to a bunch of keys will pick up in every day use. Not only that but because of how they are manufactured, painted and printed the brand will last and is not going to get scratched away.

If you’ve got a brand or product synonymous with security, strength or resilience then the Capsule will certainly be a good fit.

Whichever flash drives you choose don’t forget to pre-load your company data, presentation slides, sales brochures and links to web sites. This data can be “locked” so it cannot be deleted, you could make it “auto-run” so an application starts as soon as its plugged into a USB port or you could simply load the data into a separate partition so that your pre-loaded data is always kept separate from any personal data the recipient might load onto the drive.

Data can be loaded onto the flash drives during the manufacture or just before delivery if you’re up against it in terms of pulling all of your data together! Either way pre-loading data is a great idea because you fully maximise the promotional benefits of the product you’re buying.

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