Logo USB Custom Memory Sticks - What & Why?

If you’re considering getting some USB memory sticks with your logo printed on them then why not take it one stage further and get a memory stick produced in the shape of your logo!

It’s true that the most popular approach is to simply print a brand or logo onto a standard factory designed stick but with the cost of custom memory sticks falling its now pretty much possible to make a memory stick in the shape of anything.

Here are some excellent examples of custom USB sticks made in the shape of a logo:

Custom USB

We specialise in working with our customers to produce customised memory sticks and whilst you need to allow an extra couple of weeks for the production process the overall effect can be amazing.

Don’t get put off by concerns about the costs either. Historically custom USB sticks were very expensive because the factories charges high initial set up fees and mould fees but today with so much competition in the market these are negligible.

Custom USB

Clearly a custom USB stick in the shape of your logo will be unique to you and really help with brand development and exposure. They also tend to create a strong “viral” marketing effect as they generate quite a lot of chatter and discussion.

If you’re interested get in touch with our sales team, send us over your logo and our in-house designers will work up some ideas and concepts for you.

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