Leading Fashion Brands Choose Black and White USB Memory Sticks

If you’re looking for a striking, impact making and top quality USB memory stick to carry your logo where do you start? After all there are literally hundreds of different designs and styles of USB sticks available and they’re available from a wide range of companies.

Black USB Memory Sticks

One option is to follow the cues from the fashion world, after all they tend to be leaders rather than followers and they tend to be very precious and protective of their brands. In following these top brands you can pretty much guarantee you’re not only going to get an excellent product but you’re going to be buying it from a supplier that has met the high levels of service and quality.

Black white USB sticks

What’s interesting about these particular branded USB sticks is the black and white theme that’s evident on all of them. USB sticks come in all manner of different standard colours and the outer shells of the sticks can even be pantone matched to a particular colour if the standard colours are inappropriate. Despite the wide choice of colours available these customers have all opted for a standard black or white USB stick that has then been printed with a contrasting black or white print.

The finished printed USB sticks look stunning and illustrate that sometime simple really is

Armani USB

best. So, if you’re looking for a recommendation for a particular style or type of USB flash drive for your company you could do a lot worse than follow the lead of design houses like Armani or fashion icons like Converse.

These particular USB flash drives were supplied by USB2U who are now widely recognised as one of the leading suppliers of branded USB sticks and custom (bespoke) flash drives in the UK. USB2U have been around since 2002 and are trusted to handle the supply of USB sticks to all manner of companies, schools and local authorities.

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