Launch Your New Catalogue On A USB Flash Drive

If you still feel the need to supply your customers with a physical catalogue of some description then with the forthcoming increase in postal charges perhaps now is the time to consider sending a digitised version.

Whilst lots of companies have made their catalogues available on the web many still send a paper version out in the post. Part of the reason for doing it is just to “remind” the recipient about the company, who they are and what they do. How many of these paper catalogues end up straight in the bin is debatable but a short (unscientific poll) amongst our customers suggests it’s a lot!

Paper brochures and catalogues are not cheap to design and print and if you end up posting out heavy catalogues overseas then the costs can spiral dramatically.

Wouldn’t it be better to use the content you have already digitised for the web and pre-load it onto a USB flash drive as an “electronic, interactive catalogue”? You could then post the USB flash drive to your customers rather than a paper version.

The beauty of doing this is that not only will it be cheaper to produce but, the USB flash drive can be printed with your company logo and posted for the price of a 1st Class Large Letter stamp!

Your catalogue can be “locked” on the flash drive so it can’t just be deleted but it’s a good idea to use a flash drive that offers a little bit of extra space for the recipient to store their own personal data – this way there’s a strong chance that the flash drive will get lots of repeat usage and your brand will get lots of exposure.

There are lots of different styles of flash drives to choose from so there is bound to be something that fits with your corporate style/image but if there’s not you could always commission your very own unique shape – a growing number of companies are getting their flash drives manufactured to look like a particular product they sell or in some cases in the shape of the company logo. These custom USB drives are real attention grabbers and a great way to circulate your brochure, price lists and media files.

So next time someone in your marketing department mentions a re-print of your corporate brochure or product catalogue it might be worth mentioning the option of a catalogue on a USB flash drive.

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