Last Warning For Chinese New Year

Last Warning For Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Deadline Chinese New Year Deadline

The final deadline for all orders of non-express service USB sticks is the 7th of January.

With Chinese New Year coming earlier this year, taking place on the 24th of January 2020. Orders submitted later than the 7th of January deadline are subject to delays caused by the shutdown of factories and offices in the far east for roughly a week. With many companies likely to be caught out by the early deadlines, ensure you aren't one of them and get your order in soon!

Express Service

If you cannot make the deadline, then why not check out our Express Service?

With more products than ever, and increasingly all the time, these are a wide ranging selection of promotional tech products that will suit the needs of countless different businesses.

We have wooden and metal USBs as well as all of the most classic designs, a variety of power banks in different styles and powers, plus a whole host of promotional tech gifts including speakers, cables, wireless chargers and much more.

Products on our express service are all kept in UK stock and because of this they can be turned around in very short time. All express service products have a turnaround time of one to five business days, and like all of our products come personalised with your company logo or slogan printed, engraved or embossed.

If you want to make an order or simply speak to us about our express service, contact us by emailing [email protected], or call 01604 685 040.

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