Square, Round & Triangle USB Card Shapes

If you can remember the opening sequence from the 1960 and 1970’s BBC TV classic Play School (“Here's a house, here's a door. Windows: 1 2 3 4, ready to knock? Turn the lock - It's Play School") then you’re probably more interested in the latest government changes to pensions schemes than keeping abreast of the changes in the promotional USB memory stick market.

The TV show made great use of the basic shapes like triangles, squares, circles and one key segment of the show asked the children to guess which “window” the they would go through to watch a feature filmed outside of the studio. The underlying premise was to get the children used to recognising and understanding shapes and how they featured in everyday life.

These same shapes feature heavily in the range of USB cards that we offer at USB2U. Whilst the most popular card option remains the credit card shaped USB card we have seen a marked increase in the demand for square, circle and triangle cards!

USB-Cards---Different-Style USB-Cards---Different-Style

The cards are a popular choice not least because we can print in full colour on both sides of the card and the print can be full bleed right to the edge of the card. Because of this the cards offer a much larger print area to work with meaning complex “photo quality” images can be re-produced with ease.

The different shapes lend themselves to different uses. For examples we’ve printed the squares in to represent food packaging and condom packs, the circles to make them look like classic vinyl records (very cool) and the triangles to look like a piece of chocolate confectionary (Toblerone).

USB Circle Cards - Costa Coffee USB Circle Cards - Costa Coffee

All of the cards are just 2mm thick (roughly the same thickness as a credit card) and they come with high quality flash memory up to 32GB (which is X4 times the amount of storage you get on most Apple iPhone C’s).

If you opt for the Credit Card shape then we can supply these with a printed leather wallet!

Irrespective of which shape you choose you can be assured they’ll make a great impact when handed out and don’t forget if you do want to pre-load your own files onto the USB shapes before you hand them out then we can take care of the tedious job of data-loading them for you!


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