January Offers on Branded USB Flash Drives

To kick off the New Year with a bang USB2U have put together a fantastic offer which is available to all customers ordering more than 100 branded USB flash drives. The offer allows customers to get their branded USB drives pre-loaded with data for free (subject to a maximum data load of 100MB) and also to pantone match the colour of the USB drive.

USB Data Loading

Pre-loading files onto USB flash drives is now incredibly popular because it’s a great way to offset the cost of buying the USB flash drives. By pre-loading files you don’t have to print, store and distribute large amounts of printed sales brochures, presentation files, press releases etc. By not printing these items but instead supplying them on a branded USB sticks its possible to realise significant savings as well as providing customers with a keepsake that has real value.

Pantone matching is the term used to describe the technique that matches the body shell of a USB memory stick to any specified colour. So, instead of choosing a standard flash drive in a standard factory colour it is possible to define exactly what colour you want your flash drive produced in.

Although there are lots of “standard” colours to choose from getting USB drives produced in your own unique colour helps to raise the overall look of the finished drives. Customers who opt for pantone matching will either get the drives produced in one of the primary colours from their brand/logo or will get

USB Pantone Matching

the drives produced in a colour that compliments the printed brand.

Pantone matching is normally only offered on orders for 200 or more USB sticks and typically adds significantly to the unit cost.

With Chinese New Year looming if you do want to take advantage of the Pantone matching offer and you want your drives delivered in February its advisable to get your order in by the 18th January.

If you are interested in getting a quote for printed USB flash drives then just give the team at USB2U a call or complete the on-line quote form.

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