It’s What Your Wrist Was Made For – USB Wristbands

If you want to make an impact with your promotional USB flash drives then why not consider a USB Wristband. They’re very popular with schools and companies that are targeting a more youthful market but there’s no reason why they should be limited to this demographic.

USB Wristbands

A USB flash drive that is built into a silicone rubber USB wristband is incredibly easy to wear and use and because they’re worn “on-display” on the wearers arm they create quite a visual impact at a show, event or seminar.

The wide range of strong and vibrant colours they come in helps to make sure any brand printed on them is easy to spot and they add a “bit of fun” to any event or show. More fundamentally, they work just like any standard flash drive, they can be pre-loaded with data files before they’re given our (sales material, white papers, media files etc.) and they’re available in a wide range of memory sizes (128MB all the way up to 16GB).

Once the preserve of the playground or pop festival silicone wristbands established an air of credibility when they were adopted by charities as an innovative way to raise funds. Today silicone wristbands have a pretty broad appeal and they’re easy to spot on the wrists of many high profile sportspeople and celebrities.

USB Silicone Wristbands

With the continued fall in the price of USB wristbands we can’t be far away from seeing a Silicone Charity Wristband that has an embedded USB flash drive; a charity USB wristband! These charity USB wristbands could easily be pre-loaded with tons of information about the charity, information about where the money that is raised is being spent and video clips of the charity in action – they’d sell for a little more than a standard charity band but the fact the buyer could use the wristband to store and carry their own information around would more than justify any increased price.

So, whether you’re a bursar at a school, a PR manager organising an event or a marketing manager at a charity its worth thinking about USB wristbands and how they might help you with your marketing objectives or your need to equip people with a way of storing and carrying around data.

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