Travel Adapters - Is Yours Safe?

Travel Adapters - Is Yours Safe?


Travel adaptor and plug

Earlier this month, the website Electrical Safety First, who campaign against unsafe electrical items, announced that a recall had been issued for a popular travel adaptor, the Charge Worx International Travel Adapter which had been sold online and in certain high street stores. It is believed the item is not only a risk of electric shock, but also of fire, and the adaptor didn’t meet the required safety specifications.

With this news breaking, and peak holiday season rapidly approaching, it is perhaps a good time to look at travel adaptors and analyse whether yours is safe to use. For a long time, there was no actual safety standard for travel adaptors, leading to lots of cheap unsafe items being widely sold. This changed in 2016 however, when the BS 8546 safety standards were introduced, providing an easy way to know that what you are purchasing is safe for use, and items that meet these standards must be clearly marked as such.

Looking for a product that meets this important safety standard is vital in ensuring you have a safe adapter, as it fixes many issues non-compliant adapters have such as incorrect dimensions, loss of earth connection, voltage conversion, excessive rise in temperature and more. It is of course easy to be tempted by the cheaper option, as low cost options from China flood the market, however to avoid any risk to your end users, clients or your own business reputation, we would recommend ensuring any branded travel adaptors you purchase are fully compliant.

To ensure you are covered, you should look to offer a product from a well-known, reputable manufacturer of travel adaptors, such as Skross, who are one of the market leaders in innovative mobile tech. Their travel adapters all meet British Standards for safety, and whilst we currently only stock one model, more will be on the way very soon.

SKROSS® Pro Light USB Travel Adapter

USB2U’s own SKROSS® Pro Light USB Travel Adapter meets these standards, and allows you complete peace of mind, knowing you are using a device that meets the UK's top safety standards.

This personalised international adapter is a wonderfully compact and functional device, with the ability to be used in over 200 different countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Europe, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.  With the world becoming seemingly smaller, the need for truly universal adapters has rapidly grown, as regular worldwide holidays and business trips become a more regular occurrence. Three different sliders on the side raise and lower different poles, allowing you to easily switch between different configurations and setups depending the country you are in. Alongside this, you can use the multiple USB ports to charge more than one device at the same time, making it a travel essential.

The SKROSS® Pro Light USB Travel Adapter also comes with two large spaces on opposing sides, for company names or logos to be printed. It makes this branded travel adapter a fantastic promotional item that is especially useful for companies that work in the travel, tourism or hospitality sectors, but also works for any companies at all.

Skross Pro Light Travel Adaptor


For more information on our range of SKROSS® Travel Adapters that can be branded with a company logo, click here, or call our sales team on 01604 685 040, or email [email protected].

* It should be noted that the adaptor does not convert voltage. Make sure that you always check the voltage of your device and ensure that it matches the mains supply of the country in which you intend the device

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