Interesting twist on the Boot & Shoe Industry in Northampton

Northampton has been at the heart of the shoemaking industry for centuries. At its peak there were 1871 shoemakers in Northampton and the local football team is known affectionately as “The Cobblers”.

Today 34 local factories remain. All of these have been trading for well over 100 years and they include iconic brands like Church’s English Shoes, Barkers, Crockett & Jones and Trickers.

In a new twist a local company, USB2U, is now supplying the promotional and advertising world with customised USB flash drives in the shape of boots and shoes. To be fair boots and shoes are just a small part of the portfolio of promotional USB sticks they supply but all the same it’s nice to see a local company continuing with the tradition of supply boots and shoes albeit with a very different twist!!

NIke USB Flash Drives NIke USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB flash drives are all the rage at the moment. Their growth has partly been fuelled by the slow demise of the CD, falling prices for USB flash drives, the ubiquity if of USB ports on all new PC’s and their ease of use. Everyone seems to love to be given a USB flash drive and companies are now “tapping into” this demand and giving them away pre-loaded with their sales brochures and media files.

As the Nike Trainers examples shown here illustrate USB flash drives can now be produced in pretty much any shape or style. So, if you have an idea or concept in mind just speak to one of the bigger suppliers of USB sticks and they’ll be able to talk you through the process to get them manufactured. A typical custom USB drive takes around 3-4 weeks to manufacture so make sure you allow enough time in your project plan. You also need to allow around 10% more for a fully customised model compared to a standard stick that is just printed with a logo.

USB2U are one of the larger supplies and have a safe pair of hands for any custom USB project irrespective of whether it involves shoe or not.

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