Increasing Number of Photographers Are Using USB Flash Drives

It looks like 2011 is the year when photographers start to abandon CD’s and DVD’s and supply their clients with their wedding photographs and portfolios on branded USB flash drives.

Flash Drives - Wedding Photographers

The only surprise about this is that it has taken as long as it has for professional photographers to catch onto the benefits that well produced, boxed and branded USB flash drives can offer. Unlike standard CD’s or DVD’s flash drives are small and portable, they fit easily into a pocket or purse, they’re stylish and they’re less prone to breakage.

The latest generation of USB flash drives come in a wide range of different styles, finishes and colours and they can be supplied in a range of attractive boxes that compliment the flash drive. Above all the flash drives that are now being produced for photographers are working really well at generating repeat business and new orders. The reason is simple and its because the flash drives work as a great sales advocate on behalf of the photographers, they stimulate “chatter” and discussion, they provoke interest and they create a real “buzz” when handed out.

The falling prices for higher capacity USB drives coupled with smaller minimum order quantities and shorter lead times have all helped to accelerate the move towards branded USB drives.

In a world where anyone with access to a decent digital SLR camera thinks they are the next David Bailey it’s increasingly important for professional wedding photographers to differentiate themselves and to offer new and innovative services to their clients. USB flash drives are not a substitute for excellent photographic skills but they can help reinforce a photographers professional credentials and they provide a fantastic keepsake for their clients.

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