How to provide a seamless transition and maintain compatibility across USB A and USB C Devices

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New Rules for USB-C:

It is clear that USB-C is being fore fronted as the new preferred charging port, with all EU-sold mobile devices, tablets and cameras requiring type-C ports by the end of this year. Aimed at encouraging less waste and more universality across multiple devices, this will extend to laptops by 2026 too!

So within a few short years, USB A will begin to be phased out, with some already making the transition with the latest Apple iPhones and Macs.

However, USB A is not going to suddenly disappear completely, there will still be lots of USB A compatible devices for many years to come. For an easy transition for you and your clients, our dual USB-C sticks are the perfect option to maintain compatibility across all devices, new and old!

Why not get ahead of the trend and check out our range of type-C compatible USB sticks?


Wooden Dual Twister: the wooden aesthetic is extremely popular with photographers, so this material paired with our best-selling twister model is the perfect dual USB-C option. Available in maple or walnut wood finish.

Dual Twister Type-C / USB3.1: available in a variety of different colours to match any business logo or branding, the rubberised dual twister features both USB-A and USB-C connectors with the latest USB3.1 chipset for super-fast transfer speeds - a great option for transferring lots of high res photos and videos for photography client albums.

Alloy Loop / Alloy Hook USBs: Available from 16GB+ and in USB3.0, these dual USBs feature a sleek, metallic finish. Both models also feature a “loop” or “hook” for easy portability.


NEW Saturn USB-C: Our brand new USB-C only model. Ideal if you have already made the transition to USB-C only devices and don’t require dual USB compatibility. Available in USB3.0 for super-fast transfer speeds!


We also have a wide range of USB-C compatible cables and tech gifts:

We are constantly expanding our range to help you and your clients continue using all devices easily, with no need for extra cables and upgraded devices. 

Universal, Simple, Beneficial – Convenient (USB-C)

Check out our best-selling USB-C compatible multi-cables, power banks and our latest product, the USB-C adapter. The below promotional tech gifts future-proof your devices to provide a seamless transition to USB-C whilst still offering compatibility to USB-A devices for universal use across a range of devices.


Elite USB-C Power Bank: Featuring 4 charging ports, this power bank can accommodate USB-C input and output, 2x standard USB-A outputs and Micro USB input with the ability to provide fast charging speeds to a range of devices. Boasting an LED power display and 10000mAh battery, this power bank is a sleek option for showcasing your brand in full colour.

LED 5 in 1 Cable: Offering 5 connectors for ultra-convenience, you will never need another cable again. With both USB-A and USB-C input, as well as Micro USB, Lightning and Type-C output, this is our most versatile and universally compatible cable yet. The LED 5 in 1 Cable is the perfect choice for clients looking for ultimate compatibility and convenience across all of their devices. Keep your brand front of mind and see it illuminated in bright LED glow on the front of the cable when in use.

USB-A to USB-C Adapter: The perfect tech gadget to enable you to continue using USB-A devices for a seamless transition with the switch to type-C ports on modern devices and laptops. Future proof your devices with this convenient adapter that can also be branded with any logo, in-house and available on our express service too!

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