How LED Engraved Tech Helps Your Business Stand Out

How LED Engraved Tech Helps Your Business Stand Out

Text "light up autumn evenings" on a dark background with sparklers One of the growing trends in the promotional merchandise industry is to illuminate your logo with glowing LEDs instead of traditional print. Branded "light-up" LED power banks and USB sticks are becoming increasingly popular in the world of branded tech gifts, with products such as the Iron Crystal Candy USB and LED Deluxe Power Bank showcasing a new and bold way to promote your company and stand out amongst the competition.

How does LED branding work?

LED branding is a relatively new idea in the promotional tech market and one that provides an immediate “wow” factor.  Underneath the shell of the product is a large LED light which is then placed beneath a clear plastic case. The case itself is coated in black or transparent paint, which is then etched off using high tech machinery in order to show the logo or brand in question. This results in an impressive looking logo lit up in bright LED lights.

What are the benefits of LED light up products?

There are a number of benefits of LED branding, not least because having an LED lit promotional item is both impressive and memorable. When you hold an LED power bank or cable in your hands, it is quite the talking point when compared to traditional print. Lots of companies use promotional tech gifts for a variety of purposes, from power banks and USB cables, to wireless chargers and USB sticks.

These days, to really stand out from the crowd, you have to get creative. Branded LED power banks and LED USB sticks are a sure fire way to make sure your item is memorable and eye catching. Research has suggested that 89% of people who received a promotional product from a company remembered the company name two years later.

LED light up tech gifts are also useful and reusable. Whilst a flyer might be a cheap way to promote your business, how many that you get given do you truly read? Most of them get discarded quickly, or shoved into a bag and forgotten about. What about if you were given something that you would actually use? USB sticks, charging cables and power banks are ideal as they have a practical, everyday use. Research from the PPAI has shown that people will keep useful promotional items for between one and five years, providing a large and consistent amount of exposure to your brand.

LED Engraved Products

Here at USB2U, we offer an ever-expanding number of branded or engraved LED items including the following:


Iron Crystal Candy USB

This USB stick is a compact and eye catching translucent flash drive that uses 3D laser engraving techniques to create the impression of your logo glowing whilst being solidly encased within crystal.

With a choice of blue, green, red and white LEDs, this is a customisable and modern looking personalised USB stick that can really create a fantastic first impression.

Personalised LED USB Sticks

LED Deluxe Power Bank

This powerful 4000mAh promotional power bank stands out from the crowd through the white glowing LEDs that display your company’s logo or name proudly from the front of the casing.

A smooth black painted finish on the casing is engraved with high tech machinery and will light up when charging a phone or tablet, making not just for a great looking item, but for an exceptionally useful one, that people will want to use again and again.

Emergency Power Bank

This small capacity 750mAh branded power bank features an integrated cable, perfect for use on the go. LED branding of the chosen company logo lights up when in use.

A pocket-sized useful gift, the Emergency Power Bank holds enough charge to rescue most smartphones that have run out of power! With an integrated dual lightning/micro USB cable, this pocket friendly charger is perfect to pop in your bag for a night out and as a promotional product it won't break the bank!

LED emergency power cable engraved with LED logo COMCAST

LED Wireless Charger

This branded wireless charger uses QI inductive technology to wirelessly charge smartphones via electromagnetic induction.

The LED Wireless Charger charger is compatible with many of the latest smartphones that are supplied with wireless charging built in. With wireless charging becoming a common feature of new phones, this is a branded tech gift that will be used for years to come.

LED wireless charger with YLH engraved with light up LEDs


For more information on our range of LED light up power banks, wireless chargers, cables, USB sticks and more, please call our sales team on 01604 685 040, or email [email protected].

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