Gotta Show – Get some Promotional Wooden USB Memory Sticks

Have you got a corporate event coming up soon? Maybe you’re about to invite the press to a launch of a new product or perhaps you’re getting ready to exhibit at a trade show. If you are then it would be prudent to ensure you have something to hand out to the attendees.

Why? Well let’s face it if you’ve gone to all of the trouble and expense of organising these events and you’ve invested a significant amount of time in making sure the right senior executives and other key personnel attend then it makes sense to ensure they leave not only remembering who your company is but also what you have to offer them.

No one is saying you’re going to secure lots of new business simply by giving them a promotional gift and equally you stand no chance of influencing a journalist by handing them a USB sticks or power bank (however amazing or cute they might be – the gifts not the journalist!) But, it is incredibly important at these events that you engage with your audience and ensure they leave with all of the information they need to either make a buying decision or to write reviews on your products/services.

One option would be to go down the “fun”, cheap and cheerful route and hand out basic items like pens, bags or mugs – all of these simple promotional gifts work to a degree albeit many of them have a tendency to end up thrown away or discarded in the back of a cupboard.

What they don’t do because they are fundamentally inert objects is provide any more information about your company. At best you can typically get you brand, web address and phone number of them and possibly, depending on the object, a couple of small images of your products.

Promotional USB memory sticks on the other hand go significantly further because they can be pre-loaded with lots of information about your company and your products. The information can be interactive, it can be include videos, product sheets, press releases,, price lists – anything! Bearing in mind that most memory sticks that are given away today have around 4GB of storage on them there is loads of scope to get creative..

By loading this type of information onto a USB stick you’ll also save the cost of printing tons of material so if you’re clever about what you load onto them the flash drives will actually save you money!

If you accept the argument that you should/ought to offer a promotional item at your event(s) then you should put USB memory sticks at the top of your list.

There are loads of different designs and styles to choose from and the eco-lobby are also accommodated with a growing number of flash drives manufactured from sustainable wood. These are a great option if your company is pushing an environmentally friendly message and of course they work really well when you load electronic copies of your documents onto them rather than print them!

If you like the idea of something made from wood but USB sticks are not your thing them what about wooden Power Banks – OK, they don’t have quite as many argument in their favour but they are the current “hot” give-away.

Wooden USB Memory Sticks Wooden USB Memory Sticks

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