Go Green – Branded USB Flash Drives

When people talk about “going green” its normally shorthand for ensuing that everything they do, buy or consume is, where possible, doing the least harm possible to the planet we live on. Of course this can manifest itself in all manner of ways from simple activities like using low voltage light bulbs and taking public transport to ensuring that items we buy for our own use or items that we buy on behalf of the companies that we work for are environmentally friendly or carbon neutral in some way.

Being an “eco-warrior” even in the most mildest manner is not always easy and typically demands more time and effort and occasionally more money but given the speed at which we seem to be burning through the worlds resources it has got to be worth doing in the long run.

Branded USB memory sticks already have to comply with some pretty stringent European RoHS and WEEE and REACH legislation. Collectively these Acts and Standards restrict the amount of hazardous material used in their production and define how they should be recycled. If you are looking for a branded USB memory stick that goes beyond this then you can buy what are billed as “Re-cycled USB Flash Drives”.

Green USB Flash Drive

Re-cycled USB flash drives have brand new inner components, e.g. the flash memory module onto which data is saved and the controller chip that is effectively the “brains” of the flash drive will all be new simply because recycled flash and controller chips are unreliable. However, the external casing around the inner components will be manufactured from re-cycled plastic and/or rubber. So whilst a recycled USB flash drive is not 100% recycled it is the closest you can get whilst retaining the performance quality of the product.

There are less recycled USB flash drives models and styles to choose from simply because there is less demand for them which is perhaps surprising because they don’t cost any more than regular flash drives.

If you are just looking for a Green USB Memory Stick and the requirement is a green coloured stick then these are available in abundance – its just a question of deciding which colour green you want!!

Either way give our team at USB2U a call and they can talk you through the recycled and green options

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