Get USB Sticks Printed With Your Logo In 48Hrs

If you find yourself up against a really tight deadline for some printed USB memory sticks then don’t panic because if you have your artwork ready to go then we can supply a range of different USB flash drives from stock and get them printed and delivered in only 48hrs!

You will pay a premium for this Rush Service simply because of the higher costs of printing in the UK. The core cost of USB sticks are the same whether you need them in a hurry or have a little more time for us to ship them in for you from our factory in China.

USB2U Rush-Service

UK print is charged “per colour” and there is a set-up fee for each colour as well so it’s not really a service that makes sense for very small quantities simply because the fixed set-up costs have to be amortised over a small number of sticks.

In an ideal world you really need to allow around 10 working days for any order of customised USB memory sticks because this way you can take full advantage of the cheaper costs of getting the sticks printed at our factory in China and you’ll get a much wider choice of USB sticks to choose from.

The models of USB sticks that we tend to hold in the UK ready for “rush printing” are the Twister, the Chic and the Trident and we’ll normally hold these in a range of standard colours which typically include as a minimum black, blue and red.

The most popular size of flash drive requested by our customers is 1Gb or 2GB so these tend to be the sizes that we carry but if you want something different it’s always worth checking what we have available.

Chic, Tridet, Probe and Twister Flash Drives

Most suppliers of USB flash drives won’t entertain pre-loading data on “rush jobs” but if you have your data ready and it’s less than say 100MB we’ll try and support any request to load this onto your USB sticks as well.

So, if you’ve been let down by another supplier, or perhaps you’ve just left things really late give us a call and we’ll do all we can to help you with a solution.

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