Get the Visual Basics Right When Buying Branded USBs

Before some products are bought it is really beneficial to test them, for example before a car is purchased it would be taken for a test drive to judge its feel and see how it runs.  Other products however, are pretty standard and simple information suffices to make a decision - a remote controlled car might be bought just knowing the battery duration and top speed.

Some products will depend on the quantity that is bought as to whether it is tested.  For example, when ordering a meal in a restaurant requesting a taster to help make a decision would be a pretty strange demand whereas, if the restaurant was catering for a wedding a tester would be an acceptable request.  Whatever the product is, the more information that can be obtained about it, to help make the decision, the better.  This can save problems and hassle once the product is bought.

Buying USB flash drives fall into the various buying categories above.  USB2U always provide grade A chips, this means that it is a pretty standard product and won’t need too much testing – as long as it connects to a computer, lasts a long time and stores the amount of data it should then there isn’t much variation.  The quality of the product however and the look of a logo on the memory sticks makes a huge difference, it says something about the perception of a brand.

For these reasons above we offer free visual mock-ups and free samples.

Photoshop mock-ups of branded USB sticks USB Visual Mock-Up

USB Samples

We send out samples of our USB flash drive cases (without the memory chip) so that the quality of the product can be seen before companies make a larger purcase.  As described above this can really help when making a decision.

Visual Mock-Ups

An accurate visual mock-up of how a company’s logo will look on a one of our flash drive models can make a huge difference.  With the knowledge we have of our competitors we know that our in house design team offer the best visual mock-ups of your branded USBs in the business.  As explained above this is a really important part of the process and our in-house design team have it down to a tee.

So if you’re not sure how your logo or brand will look on a particular USB memory stick then simply fire an email over to us with your artwork attached and our in-house design team will work their magic and send you back a range of different examples for consideration.  It’s the same for any custom USB (bespoke) ideas you might have – just give us a call and talk through what you you’re imagining and we’ll work up some concepts and 3-D drawings for you.

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