Fund Raising Using USB Memory Sticks

Whether you’re on the local Parish Council and raising funds to maintain the local village church or raising funds to support your local school, playgroup or junior football team, one of the many challenges you’ll face is to keep coming up with new ideas to ensure the money continues to roll in.

There are of course plenty of “old favourites” like quiz nights, car boot sales, jumble sales, coffee mornings, sponsored events and scavenger hunts but most well established fund raising groups will have already tried these and will have exhausted the interest in them. The use of a fundraising blog sites or Facebook page dedicated to the cause will help to maintain the interest and keep people appraised of your efforts but fundamentally it’s a continuous supply of new fundraising ideas that are needed together with a committed bunch of people to implement them.

Flash Drive Fundraising

One new idea that is beginning to find favour with some groups is to use a branded USB memory stick to generate revenue. The concept is simple:

  • The USB memory sticks are printed or engraved with details of the fundraising challenge – this could include a logo, a key date, a web site address, a phone number etc.
  • The USB memory sticks could be loaded with information about the fundraising cause including background articles, video clips, details of what the money will be spent on, profiles of the people or teams involved, dynamic links to any internet Blog sites or Facebook pages, in fact anything can be pre-loaded onto the USB sticks.
  • The finished branded USB memory sticks are then sold for a profit by whatever means is possible.

There are lot of suppliers of promotional and branded USB flash drives in the UK and even with a custom print and dataload onto the USB drives you’ll be surprised at how cheap they are to buy. Of course you’ll typically need to order at least 100 to get a good price but if you can you’ll find there is plenty of scope to sell them for a profit.

There are lots of different designs and styles to choose from and typically your supplier will have in-house designers that can help you with the layout and artwork. You’ll need to supply any data you want pre-loading onto the USB sticks and you’ll need to allow around 10 days for delivery so do plan ahead if this is something you want to do.

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