Free Branded USB Memory Stick Mock-Ups

If you’re not sure which of our extensive range of USB memory sticks will look best printed or engraved with your logo then don’t worry because we offer a free mock-up and design service.

USB mock-up USB mock-up

We know that with the hundreds of USB memory sticks to chose from it can be a daunting task trying to narrow it down to one particular stick and even more challenging to choose the right colour USB stick to print your logo onto. If you fall into this category then let our design team take the strain and use their skills to work up a number of different options for you.

Our in-house design team have produced literally thousands of designs and mock-ups for customers over the years and they have an instinctive eye for what looks good and what works well. So, if you are in any doubt at all then just whiz you logo over to us via our “request a mock-up” page and our design team will get back to you with some recommendations in just a few hours.

We don’t charge for producing or supplying mock-ups because we understand that our customers want to see what their USB memory sticks are going to look like before they commit to an order. We also know that mock-ups are important to some customers to obtain internal sign off and approval before they are able to proceed.

Branded USB Mock-Up Service Branded USB Mock-Up Service

Bear in mind that the mock-ups produced are illustrations of what the eventual branded USB memory sticks will look like. If you place an order we will also send you a photo from our factory of what your actual printed USB sticks will look like before the final production takes place. This is final approval check is in place because no matter how good

USB Flash Drive Mock Up USb Flash Drive Mock Up

our mock-ups are there are sometimes small variations in the print/colours depending on the material the factory are printing onto.

Not only will our design team produce mock-ups to illustrate what your logo will look like printed onto a standard USB memory stick but they can also produce custom USB memory stick concepts and ideas for you. These are typically 3-D diagrams and concepts that show you what a fully bespoke solution might look like. In the past we have produced custom USB memory sticks in the shape of tyres, fork-lifts, fruit, wedding dresses, trench heaters, eggs, letters and much more besides.

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