Flash, Bang Wallop what a USB Stick

One of the great things about going to an organised party is the growth in the use of Photo booths. Whether it’s a wedding an office Christmas party, an “off-site” works bash/sales gathering or a children’s party then don’t be surprised to when you turn up to find a Photo Booth.

Originally these types of booths were confined to the dark corners of bus and railway stations. They were the sort of place you’d go to get a passport photo taken on the cheap and whilst you might mess around in them with your mates it was a stretch to ever see them being used the way they are today.

Don’t think drab grey box sitting in the corner of the room either. No, todays photo booths are big bold and bright and are often branded in the colours of the company hiring them (if it’s a corporate bash) – they’re there to inject some fun, some humour and levity into the proceedings and to encourage people to get together and “bond” in front of the camera – often helped on with ample supplies of dressing up props and drink!

The photographs produced by the booths might not win any awards in terms of composition, style and setting but what they will do is supply photos that will give everyone a bit of a laugh and something to talk about around the table. They’re great fun and with prices to hire them starting at only a few hundred pounds they’re definitely worth looking at if you’ve got an event coming up in the near future.

If you want a Photo Booth but don’t want the hassle or worry of organising it then there are lots of companies that will take care of everything for you including encouraging participation and usage of the booth on the day. A good place to start is www.photobooth4you.co.uk

The photos from your “shoot” will typically be delivered on a classic print strip or 8” x 6” photo but increasingly Photo Booth companies are now offering digital copies of the photos on branded or custom USB memory sticks. These are not only great mementos but they make uploading the images onto your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages really easy!

If you’re a Photo Booth operator and you’re looking to offer your clients a branded USB memory stick option then please give us a call. We’d love to work with you.

USB Sticks for Photo Booths USB Sticks for Photo Booths

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