Explore our top 5 Custom USB Sticks!

Explore our top 5 Custom USB Sticks!


Innovation meets creativity

At USB2U we take pride in being the ‘branded tech experts’, so much so that we’re always finding unique ways to create personalised tech products that bring your logos or your marketing campaigns to life. We do this because we believe that your designs deserve to stand out from the crowd.

Our journey in looking into these unique ideas has helped us unlock the full potential of USBs. Sounds slightly crazy right? But just imagine your logo taking centre stage as a striking 3D bespoke USB shape. It will be like turning your brand into a tangible piece of artwork, and that’s something that’ll leave a lasting impression for sure.

Your imagination knows no bounds

When it comes to our 2D and 3D custom USB shapes, the possibilities are endless! All you have to do is explore your many options and decide on a design that perfectly matches your brand identity. Once you have an idea, our team of talented designers will work their magic and turn the idea you’ve given into an on-screen visual of your custom USB.

As soon as you've given us the thumbs up and confirmed your order, we'll take it a step further by sending a sample of your very own bespoke USB drive.

Custom Designed USBs

Our custom-designed USBs are created using soft PVC,  this means you'll not only have have a durable USB, you'll also be able to have whatever character or shape you want. There are no limits at all!

So whether you want something lightweight, something versatile, or something that will shout your brand like no other, we've got you covered

Custom USB's also make fantastic promotional gifts! You'll always know that your clients, staff or maybe even students will  use them. And the best part ? Questions will always be asked about your brand.

1. Schwarzkopf

One of the ways that Custom USBs can really make a statement is when they are molded into a replica of the products you sell, this is an effective way to promote the product or service. An example of how we’ve been able to do this effectively is with the Schwarzkopf brand and their Got2b product.

2.Right Guard

We also successfully mimicked the Right Guard deodorant bottles, this included the brand colours and style. This style of USB works really well as a promotional gift and will definitely give your campaigns the needed edge.

3.Sofa Carpet Specialist 

For retailers in other industries like leather, fabrics, and carpets, we recommend creating unique shapes that showcase the type of products you sell, remember there are no limits at all. Take a look at this unique USB we created for Sofa Carpet Specialists, anything is possible.

4. Tuffnells 

You can be as play be as playful and as imaginative as possible, this will give your brand that added edge.


You're not just limited to two connecting parts, you can have additional parts added too.



We're all about making sure your USB is not just another ordinary storage device, but a true reflection of your vision. So make sure you use this opportunity to make as much noise about your brand as possible.

Please get in touch with our team for more information.

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