Engraved USB Boxes – So Detailed Some People Think They’re Printed

One of the big success stories during the last 12 months at USB2U has been our customised black gift boxes. It’s pretty clear that for some sectors and in particular professional photographers and wedding photographers that a top quality gift box for their USB sticks is a must.

Of course there are lots of options to choose from but what makes the black gift box unique amongst the range of boxes currently on offer from USB2U is that it can be engraved rather than printed. In fact engraving is the best option for this box because it gives a consistent, high quality finish that simply can’t be matched by silk screen or digital printing. It helps that we use the latest state of the art laser engravers because these can achieve a level of detail that is difficult to achieve with even the best printers.

Interestingly some of the feedback we’ve had from our customers on these black engraved boxes is that the quality is so good they “can’t believe the boxes have been engraved” because the finish is more akin to a very high quality print. But, engraved (or laser etched to be precise) is what they are and as you can see from the images shown here the results are fantastic.

Our black gift boxes are manufactured from re-cycled cardboard and each one is supplied with a custom black foam insert that is specifically tailored for the model of USB stick that they are going to be used with. Being manufactured from recycled cardboard they overcome most concerns people have about using unnecessary packaging or offending customers and clients who might have a strong “anti-packaging” agenda.

Engraved Black USB Gift Boxes

A good, strong image or design works best on these black boxes and arguably the more complex the better albeit you will need to supply your artwork in a high quality vector format for us to work with. The final finish on the boxes is achieved by “etching” off a very thin layer of the black paper coating on the box and revealing the lighter colour of the cardboard below. Don’t think engraved as in a deep gouge that you see on trophies or wood engravings think more about a very fine etching.

We recommend engraving on these boxes rather than printing simply because the surface of these boxes when examined under a magnifying glass is not perfectly flat so any print can appear slight dappled and uneven whereas etching cuts through the surface leaving a precise and high quality image.

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