End of the School Year celebrated with Personalised USB Memory Sticks

Printed and engraved USB memory sticks have long been the preserve of large companies and universities who have for many years used them to underpin their marketing and advertising campaigns, to hand out a conferences, seminars and open days or as a simple “give-away” to help drive brand awareness and sales.

But, intense competition in the market for the supply of promotional USB sticks has driven down the price and more significantly has driven the minimum order quantity from hundreds to as little as 25 pieces. The impact of this is that more and more people are now buying customised USB flash drives for what seems like an ever increasing range of uses.

Schools are a good example. Historically it was only the larger secondary schools that were buying USB sticks for their students and often they were purchased to en-masse to give out to the whole school or to sell in the school shop. Today lots of primary (and junior) schools are buying 25-30 sticks at the end of the school year to give to just one class of leavers – the sticks normally have the school name on together with any crest/logo the school might have and often each stick is personalised with the pupils name.

USB sticks for Schools

Some schools are even going one step further and loading onto each flash drive school photo’s, clips from the school sports day, school reports and exerts from the school play – think digital scrapbook or school yearbook loaded onto the USB stick and you get the idea.

We’ve even had one teacher take the radical decision to pay for them for his class so he could hand them out at the end of the summer term loaded with the homework he wanted doing over the summer holidays! A great idea albeit I’m not sure if it’s what the pupils really had in mind.

For schools the beauty of buying personalised USB memory sticks from USB2U is that we offer a free design and mock up service, there is NO upfront

Free Carabiner Keyring with all School Orders from USB2U

payment because all schools immediately get 30-day payment terms and if you’ve left it a little bit late to organise them we can deliver from UK stock (printed) in as little as 24hrs!

If you remember to ask we’ll throw in free lanyards and every school order is sent with a handful of little carabiner keyrings.

So, If you’re thinking of ordering printed or engraved USB sticks for your school or class then give is a call!

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