Elevate your branding with our new LED tech gifts - USB2U

Elevate your branding with our new LED tech gifts - USB2U

Illuminate Your Brand With Our New LED Tech Gifts

Are you looking to take your branding or marketing campaigns to another level? Well, look no further, our newly launched LED products will do just that!

We’ve got everything you’ll need, from the latest LED Cables to high-quality Deluxe LED Wireless Earbuds. What’s truly remarkable is that each of these products can be branded with LED light-up technology, allowing any logo to be brilliantly illuminated with white LED lights. Trust us when we say you’ll truly want these products at the next trade show…

LED Cables

The brand-new LED 5 in 1 Cable and the XL LED 5 in 1 Cable are both outstanding choices for promotional gifts. They boast plenty of fantastic features such as LED logo branding, USB-A input as well as fast-charging USB-C input. Not only that but, these cables are also sleek and sophisticated in design, making them stylish must-have charging accessories.

In addition to that, these cables offer versatility and can be used on multiple devices. They come equipped with type-C, Micro USB, and Lightning connectors for output which can be used on a range of new and older devices.

These two cables come in the colour black which will really make any logo stand out in the best light. They are also readily available in UK stock and will be delivered in a quick 1-5 day turnaround.

To truly elevate the presentation of these cables, consider choosing the brand new Cable Boxes. These gift boxes are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. They come in two size options, these sizes have been created to perfectly match t both cables.

Deluxe LED Wireless Earbuds

Made from recycled ABS plastic, the Deluxe LED Wireless Earbuds stand out as an impressive high-end product. They offer a more sustainable audio choice without any compromise of style. What’s more, the lid of the charging case can be engraved using LED branding technology, or it can even be printed digitally. Both of these choices will truly make any logo stand out brilliantly.

Deluxe LED earbuds with logo glowing

Designed to be the perfect travel companion, these earbuds allow you to enhance your journeys by simply turning up the  volume to your favorite playlist. They also come with a standard USB-C cable for faster recharging, so by the time you're heading back, they are fully charged again.

What's more is that these earbuds deliver exceptional sound quality,  feature noise-cancelling technology, and they also come with voice command. All of these fantastic features make them the perfect audio device.

You can even have these earbuds branded today and receive them tomorrow! This is because our express delivery service ensures you get a hassle free service and quick delivery. So you can count on us to provide you with the perfect solution, right when you need it.


But that's not all...we have plenty more LED-branded products for you to choose from. So why not Click this link to browse? Our product variety is limitless, ranging from  LED gift boxes to LED wireless chargers and even LED power banks. You name it, we’ve got it!

LED XL gift set brandedEtched LED wireless charger

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