Eco-friendly products now packaged without plastic

Eco-friendly products now packaged without plastic

We're all trying to be more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives and here at USB2U we are passionate about finding ways to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we consume as a business. 

We have offered eco friendly promotional products for many years now, including our best-selling Bamboo USB sticks, wooden wireless chargers and power banks and even packaging made from naturally sustainable materials. Our range of wooden presentation boxes for photographic prints and USB sticks for example are delivered to you pre-filled with naturally biodegradable wood wool (from a supplier who we know only use timber that has been sourced responsibly). 

However in recent years it has become apparent to us that as well as offering a range of more environmentally friendly promotional products for our customers to choose from, we could also reduce the amount of bubble wrap and single use protective bags we have historically used to protect these products in transit. 

USB Prints Box with Wood Wool filling Wooden Photo Slide Boxes are supplied pre-filled with Wood Wool


Since 2o19, we have strengthened our commitment to sending out more and more of our orders in a more conscious way, and we are proud to announce that we will now guarantee that all deliveries of wooden USB sticks or tech gifts made of natural materials will be packaged up using only biodegradable materials.

Eco Flo

As an alternative to traditional bubble wrap,  we use a packing material called Eco Flo, sometimes referred to as packing "peanuts". Eco Flo is 100% biodegradable, made from renewable sources, and fully compostable. Light and with no odour, Eco Flo is a truly environmentally friendly option for packaging our products. So when you see what appear to be white foam "Wotsits" in your delivery of USB sticks and boxes; don't panic! They are more environmentally friendly than they look. 

Corrugated Cardboard and Craft Paper

Alongside this, we also use rolls of corrugated cardboard, designed specifically for shock absorption. Lightweight and flexible, this can be interwoven between items without taking up valuable space. A much better solution in our eyes and an easy swap to make.  For smaller items such as USB sticks we use craft paper to protect the logo carefully printed onto the drive. Ordinarily we would have used individual poly bags to protect the USBs in transit, however craft paper does the job without compromising on protection. 

Eco Flo and recyclable packing materials with USB sticks Eco Flo packing peanuts and craft paper as an alternative to bubble wrap


Whilst these actions alone may not make a significant dent in the amount of single plastic used worldwide each day, we believe that on this Earth Day we can continue to push forward and pursue more eco conscious ways of delivering quality products to our customers. 

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