Don’t Panic We’re The 4th Emergency Service For Branded USB Memory Sticks

We’ve all been there and its not pleasant. It’s that sinking, horrible feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when it suddenly dawns on you that your job or career is on the line because of things that are often outside of your personal control.

If you’re working on a project or activity and you’re working against a hard deadline then the last thing you need is to be told by your supplier that they can’t deliver your goods on time. Equally you don’t need unexpected requirements being foisted upon you at the last minute with little or no time to plan and schedule them in let alone source products if they are needed. But in the real world it happens and unfortunately it happens more often than we’d all prefer.

All the planning and preparation in the world can’t accommodate these little “bombs” when they happen but what you can do is try and factor in a little contingency in your plans. Its not always easy and contingency has a nasty habit of just being “absorbed” in the project.

emergency USB flash drive emergency USB flash Drive

If find yourself in a tight spot and needing branded USB memory sticks in a hurry then don’t panic. At USB2U we pride ourselves on being the “4th Emergency Service” of the branded USB memory stick world. We hold lots of plain, unprinted stock in the UK which we can get printed and delivered to you within 48hrs of a firm order and the supply of artwork to us.

You won’t have lots of choice in terms of models or memory size because we tend to hold stock of the most popular models and sizes we sell but if you are up against it or you’ve been let down by another supplier we can normally help.

For an idea of what we can offer and what stock we have in at any point in time its best to call us and speak to one of the team. They can talk you through the options and work with you to get your project back on track.

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