Do You Flip or Slide Your USB Cards

Promotional USB Cards are gaining in popularity all the time and if the current trend continues they look set to overtake many of the more traditional styles during 2014 in terms of number of units sold.

Whilst promotional USB memory sticks have been with us for over a decade it was only 2-3 years ago that USB Cards started to appear but the first versions were much thicker than the very skinny 2mm thick models that are popular today. Their rise to prominence has been underlined by three key features:

1)      They’re only 2mm thick and they are typically credit card shaped so they are easy to slot into a wallet or purse.

2)      They’re ideal for posting out to customers and prospects because there is no “bulk” to them meaning they still qualify for the cheaper letter postage rates rather than the much more expensive package posting rates.

3)      They have a large print area and you can print in full colour on both sides of the cards right up to the edges. This gives you scope to print some stunning images and to include lots of detail like contact names, telephone numbers, email addresses, website URL’s, strap lines and so on!

USB Credit Cards

A well designed and well printed USB Card will look stunning and because they’re not really available on the high street they still get people who are given then a little excited.

Despite being just 2mm thick you don’t have to compromise on memory capacity – they still come in memory sizes all the way from 128MB up to a whopping 16GB (We expect 32GB cards to be available a little later in 2014).

The one big decision you have to make when buying USB cards these days is whether to go for the version where the USB connector “flips” out of the card but is still attached to the card when in use or whether you opt for the newer version where the USB connector slides out of the card completely.

USB Cards - Slide Version

The advantage of the slide version is that is much more obvious how to use it and get to the USB connector but the big disadvantage is that it’s easy to lose the USB connector section once it’s been removed! We still sell significantly more of the “flip” versions but sales of the slide model are on the increase.

If you’re thinking of buying some USB credit cards any time soon but you’re not sure which option to choose just give us a call and we’ll arrange to send out a sample of each.


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