Discounted USB Flash Drives For Schools & Universities

Demand for branded flash drives from schools and universities over the past few years has been strong and is expected to gain momentum during 2010. Although school and university budgets are coming under increased scrutiny and pressure it seems that the popularity of the branded flash drive means they will escape any capping of budgets relatively unscathed.

Cardiff Uni USB

The reason for the popularity of branded flash drives within the educational sector is down to a few core factors:

  • They are an excellent and cost effective way for the schools and/or universities to sell themselves and their course to prospective students and parents. Rather then print out swathes of printed material to hand out during school open days its far easier and cheaper to pre-load all of the course material, school information, OFSTED reports etc. onto a memory stick and hand these out during the day.
  • The flash drives are typically printed, embossed or engraved with the school logo or crest and therefore become a great portable advert for the school.
  • Flash drives are an excellent way for students to take course notes home with them from school, to manage their work and their homework and to reduce the amount of large and bulky documents they carry around with. Not only does this reduce the burden on the students but it reduces the cost of printing course notes, revision guides and other school documents because these can be copied onto the flash drives by the students.
  • Often the school sells the flash drives to the students so the initial investment is recouped and the school benefits from the on-going print-avoidance savings.

Aberystwyth Uni USB

At USB2U we’ve been supplying schools and universities with USB flash drives since 2002 and we have a long-standing program of discounts and incentives for educational establishments that place orders with us and these include:

  • Free design & mock-ups
  • Free samples
  • Free plain coloured lanyards or key ring attachments with every memory stick
  • Free data loading
  • Free delivery to any UK mainland address
  • Free small gift box (or we can supply in individual poly bags)
  • No quibble 30-day payment terms on all orders
  • Discounted pricing

Plymouth Uni USB

Interested? Please give us a call or fill out our on-line enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch with you.

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