Different Ways to Brand a Twister USB Memory Stick

One of the most popular styles of USB memory stick is the Twister model. It’s small, easy to use, has no cap to lose and it comes in a huge range of different colours and memory sizes.

The metal “clip” that forms part of the body shell swivels or “twists” (hence the name Twister) to protect the USB connector when not in use – these “clips” are typically manufactured from brushed aluminium and it’s the “clips” that carry the branding or logo.

Branded USB Memory Sticks - Twister

Because of the sheer volume of Twister USB Memory Sticks that are produced they tend to be one of the cheapest models available but don’t let their relative cheapness put you off – they look stunning when done well and when the right colour body shell is chosen to compliment the logo printed on them.

Various USB Sticks Memory Sticks

Whilst most of them are printed using standard printing techniques there are various ways in which the Twister can be branded including:

  • Spot colour printing – each colour is printed one at a time and allowed to dry between each colour so the final image is built up over the print process. Spot printing is the most popular option and whilst the finished print looks great spot printing is not suitable for highly complex logo’s with lots of gradients or shading or for logo’s with more than four colours
  • Full colour print process – this is the slightly moiré expensive print option but it produced photo-realistic finishes and can handle complex images.
  • Engraving – the logo or design can be “etched” into the metal clip of the Twister and this etching can be coloured to improve its visibility.
  • Epoxy dome resin stickers – the word “sticker” has a tendency to conjure up the wrong impression of what Twisters branded using this technique look like. An epoxy dome resin sticker is a high quality, full colour print that is encased in a resin so you get the benefits of a high quality printed combined with a protective case over the print. They look fantastic and have been used by lots of leading branding including BT and Microsoft just to name two.

Irrespective of which printing method you choose don’t forget you can also pantone match the body shell of the Twister USB memory stick – so, instead of just going with one of the standard factory colours you can choose your own colour. Pantone matching is a great way to make your Twister sticks stand out and grab people’s attention.

Twister Memory Sticks - Full Colour Process

With the comprehensive range of printing options available to the Twister coupled with free or inexpensive colour matching of the shell its easy to see why its such a popular choice.

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