Did We Mention Our Free USB Gift Box Offer – You Need To Be Quick Though

Just in case you hadn’t heard we’re currently running a promotion where you can claim free gift boxes for your promotional USB memory sticks. The boxes can be printed with your logo (or any other message you want) at no extra cost –that’s no artwork set-up fee, no printing fees and no charge for the boxes themselves –they’re free! Honestly.

Ok, to be fair there are some caveats to the offer and these are:

  1. The offer is only running on orders placed this month.
  2. You need to order a minimum of 25 USB sticks to qualify and we’ll supply (at your request) one printed gift box for every USB stick you order.
  3. We’ll print the box on one side with whatever design/logo you supply and this can be different to the design/logo that we print on your USB sticks.
  4. The offer applies to our Standard White Gift Box only.
  5. The offer does not apply to any orders placed using our “Rush Services”

Free USB Box Offer Free USB Box Offer

Putting your promotional USB memory sticks in an attractive gift box can really help to lift the perceived value of sticks. As a promotional gift we know from lots of research that they’re a really popular and people just like being given them. Load them with useful data and leave a bit of space for their own files and they’re even more popular but package them up in a branded gift box and they’ll look even more appealing.

As with any “gift” the packaging and presentation is ever important. It can elevate a “so what” gift into the realms of being a really memorable gift. We’re not suggesting our printed white gift boxes will deliver loads more sales for you or get you a significant uplift in plaudits but what they will do is just make your “give-aways” look more professional and the extra space they offer will help you to get a clearer marketing message out. Let’s face it the print space on a standard USB stick is quote small so the additional space available on a gift box allows you to get creative and include those strap lines that you’ve invested so heavily in!

If nothing else a printed USB gift box will allow you to get your website URL and contact phone numbers out into the hands of your customers!

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