Custom USB Memory Sticks In A Flash

If you’ve got a complex logo with lots of colours, tints or graduated sections then reproducing this on a small USB memory sticks can be a challenge. Not only that but if you’ve left it until the last minute and your supplier needs to get them printed locally rather than during the manufacturing process in China then you’ll typically be stung with some hefty print set-up and print charges.

Local print charges are always higher because wage costs and other associated costs in the UK are significantly higher and this is reflected in the costs charged to set up each colour and then print each colour. This assumes of course that you get your custom USB memory sticks are silkscreen printed or pad printed.

An alternative to these more traditional print methods and one that handles complex prints well is to use an epoxy resin dome sticker. These “dome” stickers are precision machine cut so they fit neatly onto the memory sticks, the layer of resin applied to the sticker helps prevent wear and tear and reduces, significantly, the usual scratching and erosion of logo’s that can occur on printed USB sticks.

Custom USB Memory Sticks With Dome Stickers

Best of all you can achieve stunning results with epoxy resin dome stickers quickly and relatively cheaply – certainly when compared to standard print methods.

So, if you do find yourself in need of custom USB memory sticks printed with a complex logo and you don’t have much time to work with then its definitely worth considering dome stickers. Don’t be put off by the use of the word “sticker” which does tend to carry negative connotations because the finished product as these images illustrate are stunning!

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