Custom USB Memory Sticks – Future Collectors Items

The primary objective of a well thought out and well designed custom USB memory stick is to promote the product, brand, event or company that’s its manufactured for. After all the company paying for the memory sticks needs to see a return on their investment.

USB Twisters

Today custom USB memory sticks can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as PVC, ABS, Silicon and PET. By using these materials the factories have been able to drive down the set-up and production costs without any compromise on quality. Production runs of a couple of hundred pieces are now possible and are they are only marginally more expensive than a standard memory stick.

The manufacturing process means you can now get fantastic detail in either a 2D or 3D custom shape so the design limitation is more to do with imagination than any production process. Examples of custom USB fruit, vehicles and animals abound on the Internet but more sophisticated offerings that dovetail into magazine and TV advertising are now beginning to emerge.

Well conceived and manufactured custom memory score incredibly well in terms of “wow” factor and brand association and because they are now only marginally more expensive lots more companies are opting for them.

There is also an interesting secondary market developing in these custom USB memory sticks and that is amongst collectors. Of course people will collect anything but custom USB sticks have all the characteristics of a product that will drive a secondary collectors market – they are produced in relatively small numbers, they are attractive, fun, functional, quirky and many have additional packaging and other components (key rings, lanyards, presentation tins etc) that can also be collected.

With this in mind if your are commissioning your own custom USB memory sticks its worth ordering a few extra to tuck away just in case their future value rockets. Of course if you are promoting a product or brand that plays into the collectors market(s) then you could also consider a series or range of custom memory sticks to help drive the collectable aspect of them and get some viral marketing and discussion flowing.

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