Custom USB Memory Sticks - 5 Reasons to Commission Them

When customers talk about custom USB memory sticks many simply mean they want a standard USB design customised with their logo or design rather than wanting a fully bespoke USB stick that is designed, fabricated and printed (or engraved) in shape that is unique to them.

Printed or engraved USB sticks are relatively easy to produce and supply and can often be turned around in a matter of hours. Fully customised USB’s on the other hand typically take around 4-6 weeks to supply and they do cost a little more than a simple printed stick but despite this they are definitely worth considering and here’s why:

  1. They can be made to look like anything - Custom USB Memory Sticks can be designed and manufactured to look pretty much like anything (see the images below). They don’t have to be made of plastic either with popular options being Metal or a softer PVC. The ends results are stunning and without fail they always generate extremely positive feedback.
  2. They generate create a real “wow” factor – people do like to be given USB memory sticks but give them a fully customised stick and you’ll really grab their attention. Because they’re different and “cute” and often done with some degree of humour they just get people talking and in many cases they’ll take to Social Networking sites to talk about the USB drive – get it right and the whole thing can go viral and generate lots of positive PR.
  3. They’re not that much more expensive – don’t be put off by worries about a large one-off set up, mould and tooling costs. In today’s ultra-competitive market these are a thing of the past! OK, you might pay £30 for the design and a small premium for the sticks but typically the difference is only pennies and this small incremental cost is more than offset by the impact they make.
  4. They are exclusive to you – if you do decide to commission a bespoke USB flash drive then the end product will be exclusive to you. You’ll effectively “own” the design and no other company will have access to it. Handy if you operate in a highly competitive market and you need to differentiate your service or product.
  5. You specify the memory size and you can pre-load the memory with whatever files or documents might be relevant to your customers.

Clearly they won’t be for everyone and the majority of customers will continue to buy printed or engraved standard models but with falling prices and improved lead times Custom USB Memory Sticks are going to gain in popularity.

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