Custom USB Flash Drives – Top Tips Directory

Over the past year we have published a number of bi-monthly Top Tips articles to help educate, improve purchasing and sort problems relating to Custom USB Memory Sticks.

The following provides a short summary of these tips with links to the full articles. We hope that you find these of interest and it’s certainly worth bookmarking this page as we shall continue to add more Custom USB related top tips in the future.

Tip 1. Custom USB - When A Chip Is Not A Chip

This article explains what to look for when comparing the quality of the USB Flash chips. There is a broad range of quality in the market, if the price you are being quoted seems to good to be true, it normally is. Read full article here

Tip 2. Custom USB – The Hidden Dangers Of Autorun

One of the benefits of using promotional USB memory sticks is the ability the load and provide users with targeted information. There has been a growing trend of having this data automatically run when the memory stick is inserted. However, there are many hidden dangers of doing this, read on………….

Tip 3. Custom USB – How To Select Your Supplier

There are now many UK suppliers that provide Branded USB Memory sticks. How do you ensure that you are comparing apples with apples when selecting your supplier. This following article provides some useful pointers. Read here

Tip 4. Custom USB - The Manufacturing Process Explained

When purchasing promotional USB memory sticks its useful to be aware of the full end-to-end process. This will allow you to ask informed questions and ensure no suppler blinds you with science. Read full article here:

Tip 5. Custom USB – The Hazards Of Buying Promotional USB Memory Sticks

The following article gives the pitfalls of buying branded memory sticks – so buyer beware. Read full article here:

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