Custom USB Flash Drives – Making Trench Heaters Exciting

When you’ve got a product called a “Trench Heater” you know you’re facing an uphill struggle at the start to make it look and sound exciting and to get prospective customers interested in it. After all “Trench” is not a phrase that really conjures up the most positive of images particularly as many people immediately associate the word with the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of young men during the First World War.

Installed Trench Heater Installed Trench Heater

But, despite the connotations a Trench Heater is actually a very stylish, very effective form of in-floor heating, cooling and climate control system. These units have integral heat exchangers built into them, they are cost effective to run and because they are discrete and good-looking they are typically found in high-end houses, apartments and offices.

One of the leading designers and manufacturers of Trench Heaters is UK based Jaga. Jaga describe themselves as “working towards a better world. Starting at home. Our culture is one of aesthetics, durability, social responsibility, fair-trading and putting the least possible burden on the environment.”

For Jaga one of their challenges is how to communicate the benefits of their heating systems to their target customers and partners. Traditional brochures worked to a degree but producing significant volumes of glossy and expensive brochures flew in the face of their stated values of “putting the least burden on the environment”. An alternative option, something as innovative as their trench heaters was called for and the solution was a bespoke USB flash drive designed and manufactured in the shape of a trench heater and carrying the Jaga brand on the reverse.

The beauty of these custom USB flash drives is that they look fantastic, they capture people’s imagination and they bring what some might consider to be a boring subject to life. What’s more is that are small, portable and they can of course be pre-loaded with lots of product information, technical specification details, installation information, and media files that show the Trench Heaters in situ in a variety of different environments.

Custom USB Custom USB

Whilst custom USB flash drives like these are a little more money to produce than standard flash drives and the lead times are a week or so longer its an investment that can reap big dividends. Get it right as Jaga clearly have here and you end up with a Custom USB flash drive that will create a significant amount of interest and “chatter” in your product.

Irrespective of what your product is and how dull it might be considered you can really bring it to life with the imaginative use of bespoke USB Flash drives.

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