Custom USB Drives – Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Ok, you’ve decided you want some USB memory sticks to support a forthcoming product launch, conference or exhibition but which type of USB memory stick is going to best reflect your company’s brand and products.

Whilst branded USB Memory sticks are an excellent idea and they are justifiably popular at the moment will they really lift your brand and get the recipient talking about your company and the messages that you want to convey.

Custom USB Banana

Standard USB memory sticks, and the Twister model is apparently the most popular, only go so far. They can carry your company’s logo, the body shell can even be pantone matched to one of your logo’s primary colours and of course you can pre-load the memory sticks with sales data sheets or conference material. But this is what everyone does.

There is a danger that plain old branded memory sticks are becoming just a little too ubiquitous and as a consequence for some they’ve lost the “wow” factor.

An alternative, and an option that has become increasingly popular, is a fully customised USB memory stick. Customised memory sticks can be manufactured in any shape, colour or design. Examples include USB Memory sticks in the shape of bottles, cars, aeroplanes, fruit, forklifts, trucks, brides, guitars, houses, rugby balls and even tampons!

Custom USB Ice Cream

Customised USB Memory sticks done well really do support and enhance the brand/product and are particularly good for press events where you want to launch a new product or at an exhibition where you want your company or product to stand out from the crowd. Don’t just think in two dimensions either because they can be manufactured in 3-D as well.

With a customised stick you can inject a bit of fun or character into your event. The finished product really does become an intrinsic part of your activity rather than just a medium on which documents are conveyed to the audience. Done well they become a talking point in themselves and have life beyond the event as colleagues, associates etc. all talk about them.

There used to be a huge premium to pay for any bespoke USB project but today the factories are keen for work and many have dropped or have reduced significantly the cost for the mould set up and tooling. There is a slightly longer lead time for any custom USB memory stick so do bear this in mind and factor a couple of extra weeks into your planning process.

At the moment there really has never been a better time to choose a custom USB Memory stick so get those thinking caps on and let the creative juices flow.

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