Custom USB Drive – UK Banks Profits Recover

With a bumper set of results announced by the UK Banks this week, the industry seems to have recovered from the financial turmoil of the past few years and are again reporting large profits. This is great news for the exchequer, tax payers who own major stakes in some of these banks and the economy in general.

Some of the banks issued their press packs including the financial information via Branded USB Memory sticks. This follows a long trend of banks making use of Branded Memory sticks.

usb sticks for banks Bank Branded Memory Sticks

There are numerous reasons why banks now embrace Branded Memory sticks including the following:

  • Branded USB Memory sticks are a unique way to get their brand in front of an existing or potential ‘key’ customers.
  • Branded USB Memory sticks are a great way to disseminate information to key customers, staff, or city analysts.  The data can be passive, so the user would need to click on the files, or interactive for a more immersive experience.
  • Branded USB Memory sticks are excellent ‘keep sakes’ and with a high probability that users will save their own information on them. Making the USB a valued tool that has a high intrinsic value.
  • The cost of USB Flash Memory has fallen dramatically over the past few years, so they have become a far more cost effective promotional item.
  • USB Branded memory sticks now come in over 100 different models or can be designed and built to order…..making them truly unique to bank brands.
  • The speed of delivery is now as little as 48hrs, which includes a logo print – so ideal for emergency use – great if banks need to get information out quickly.
  • Branded Memory sticks can be ordered in as little as 25 units – so it can be a targeted campaign.
  • CD / DVDs are now seen as old hat, with Branded USB Memory sticks taking over as the media of choice for sending content.
  • The technology has improved making Branded USB highly robust and reliable.
  • Security and encryption technology is now well advanced to protect any sensitive information stored on the Branded Memory sticks.
  • Finally, there are now several professional providers of Branded USB Memory sticks in the UK, making the process of ordering very simple.

Whilst some pundits perceive banks as technology dinosaurs, they are certainly waking up to opportunity of Branded Memory sticks.

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