Credit Card USB Flash Drives – Ideal For Large, Complex Images

If you’re looking for a Promotional USB flash drive there are certainly plenty to choose from but the print area on most of them is relatively small. Most are fine if all you need to do is print your company logo or brand on the drive and maybe just a phone number or website address. If this is all your requirements are then products like the ubiquitous “Twister” model or the “Chic” are ideal hence why they are so popular.

However, if you need something that can accommodate a larger, more complex logo, or perhaps multiple logos then you need something that’s got a large print area and ideally something that can accommodate full colour printing or photographic print then these smaller USB models just won’t work. Any attempt to “squeeze” your design onto them will just result in an illegible mess that will do no favours to you or your brand. Conversely if you choose just a very large USB flash drive you could end up with something that’s not only unwieldy and just not particularly attractive.

Our recommendation if you have a complex or large logo to print is to consider one of our range of USB Credit Cards. There are several USB Credit Cards to choose from and they all support full four colour or photographic quality print finishes. As you would expect from the name they are exactly the same size as a conventional credit card, bank card or ATM card. The beauty of this is that they fit neatly into any wallet, purse or bag that your customer or prospect might have and sit alongside their regular credit cards for what the banking industry call “share of wallet”

Credit Cards USB

USB credit cards are only marginally thicker than a standard card at just 2mm and the USB connector and memory is stored discretely in the body of the card. They are available in a wide range of memory sizes from 64MB all the way up to 16GB with 1GB and 2GB versions currently the most popular.

Just like any regular promotional USB flash drive, USB credit cards can be pre-loaded with your corporate information or product information before distribution. The finished product as these images illustrate looks fantastic and they make a real impact when given out. For the relatively small incremental cost of a USB Credit Card they are the best option for large or complex logos.

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