Credit Card USB Flash Drives – 2mm Thick

Branded and promotional USB flash drives have come a long way over the last 10 years and a great illustration of just how much they have evolved is the USB Credit Card. Ten years ago USB flash were still fairly new products used only by classic “early adopters” who were willing to pay a premium to be the first to own and use them.

These early generation USB memory sticks offered very limited memory storage capacity compared to the versions we take for granted today; 16MB and 32MB were the most commonly used memory sizes compared to 1GB to 4GB today. This is a huge increase in the amount of storage on offer for relatively little money but equally striking is the way in which the designs and styles on offer have changed.

First generation USB flash drives were typically large rectangular lumps of plastic that were “functional” rather than developed to win any design awards. But, as companies started to use them to promote their business by printing logo’s and brands onto them more effort was put into the aesthetics to underpin this burgeoning side of the USB flash market.

From a small fledgling business the promotional and branded USB memory sticks market has flourished into a huge global phenomena with millions of promotional USB flash drives produced and printed every month. Today USB flash drives are used to promote, reward, incentivise, disseminate information or to simply say “thank you”. They are incredibly popular amongst companies exhibiting at trade shows, fairs and conferences or to support new product launches.

As you might expect the manufacturers that design, develop and produce the branded USB flash drives are constantly competing with each other to bring new concepts and designs to the market in an on-going effort drive the market forward and to respond to the demand from the market for more stylish and innovative products. Over the past couple of years this has seen the introduction of the USB Key (flash drives in the shape of a key), leather USB flash drives, lanyard USB Flash Drives and more recently a range of brushed aluminium Credit Card USB that are only 2mm thick!

Credit card USB

The Credit Card USB flash drives have been incredibly well received for a number of factors:

  1. At only 2mm thick and with the same dimensions as a standard “credit card”, bank card or ATM card they fit neatly into any wallet or bag designed to accommodate standard bank cards. A branded USB credit card that has “share of wallet” with other notable financial brands is no bad thing either!
  2. The flat surfaces of the card allow for the printing of large and complex designs that could not be printed on regular shaped USB drives
  3. USB credit cards look and feel more expensive than regular USB flash drives and just the aesthetics drive demand.

If you’re thinking of buying branded USB memory sticks for your business they its worth thinking about the Credit Card models that are now available.

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