Credit Card Power Banks - Now Bigger & Better!

Credit Card Power Banks - Now Bigger & Better!

Our Credit Card Power Bank in 2500mAh has been a best selling slim power bank for many years, having been chosen by big fashion and beauty brands, schools, universities and corporate businesses alike for it's generous print area and convenient portability. But with the development of smartphone functionality and bigger, more powerful screens demanding stronger battery power comes the need for a larger capacity power bank.

Introducing the all new Credit Card 4000 Power Bank from USB2U. Much like it's little brother, the new Credit Card 4000 Power Bank comes complete with an integrated charging cable, featuring a dual function lightning & micro USB connector, together with a USB-C adaptor hidden neatly within the casing.

Credit card power bank with pepsi max logo next to a mobile phone The new Credit Card 4000 Power Bank has enough battery power to fully charge the average smartphone form empty.

Credit Card Power Banks are a hugely popular choice for events such as trade shows, concerts and festivals as well as sporting events, as they make the perfect, slim promotional power bank to be used as a cost effective giveaway with maximum brand exposure. The all new Credit Card 4000 Power Bank has a slightly larger footprint to accommodate the bigger battery size, however it still boasts a slim, pocket-friendly depth making it perfect for use on the go.

Much like our Credit Card USB Sticks and Card Speaker, the real estate boasted by both ultra slim Credit Card Power Banks from USB2U is a huge selling point; if you have an intricate, full colour design or marketing message or even a photographic image that you'd like to use, the Credit Card Power Bank can accommodate a full bleed design. Our in house design team are on hand and happy to help with "mock ups" and  visual proofs to show you what the power bank might look like with your design on.

credit card 4000 power bank printed with spotify logo full bleed The Credit Card 4000 has a huge print area that can accommodate a full bleed design.

If you're wondering which Credit Card Power Bank is for you, then why not check out our handy guide to battery capacities which illustrates just how much charge you will get from a 4000mAh power bank vs a 2500mAh power bank. Both the 2500mAh and 4000mAh versions of the Credit Card Power Bank are a staple UK stock item*, meaning our team can print and deliver bulk orders in less than a week if needs be. If you're in need of something even sooner, we can probably help - just give us a call and our team will be happy to advise.

*Please note the Credit Card 4000 Power Bank will be available to purchase from mid-April 2022 onwards.


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